School’s In!

And another month down…

But it’s September, and that means SCHOOL!

The kids all started this week. I only have three to worry about this year since my eldest graduated last year (can I get an “amen”??). The other nice thing is that my daughter has a car, so she drives herself and my younger son to school this year (can I get another “amen”??)! It’s not that driving them to the high school would take a lot of time. It’s actually very close, and it only ever took me about 15 minutes to take her there last year, but it does mean that my morning isn’t quite as disjointed as it used to be, and I don’t have to leave the house as early to do the pick-up thing in the afternoon. And speaking of easier, I now only have to worry about two schools instead of four! (One final “amen,” please!) Two kids at the high school and one at the middle school… I feel like I can breathe a little bit…

This summer was mostly a pretty decent one around here. It was very quiet, and we didn’t do much at all. We did get out and do some camping, including our very first family backpacking trip. It was a pretty easy hike in–two miles on a gradual slope. My pack was only about 40 pounds, but my hubby carried our tent (I did offer to carry it, for the record). In any case, I was surprised at how well I managed to hold up. I guess all that working out over the last several months has paid off. We camped two nights near a lake, did a bit of hiking around the campsite, and hid from mosquitoes.

From our day hike… Not the lake we camped on, but dang pretty…

We also camped in Eastern Oregon for three days to experience the total eclipse, and let me just say, THAT was an event of a lifetime! We found a dead end with level ground in the Malheur National Forest, right on the path of totality, and we had basically our own private viewing of a little over two minutes of totality. So cool. Totally worth three days with no toilet facilities and no shower! 🙂

I mean, if you don’t have a toilet, at least you have this view.

I’ve been keeping up with my workouts and dietary changes. My weight loss has slowed to a crawl, but I am now within 20 pounds of my goal weight. It actually seems like I might get there at this point. It may take a while, but it seems achievable. Even more importantly, though, I’m discovering how much I value the daily exercise as a sanity enhancer. I am starting to realize (yes, I know, it shouldn’t take 48 years to figure this stuff out) how much I need that daily endorphin rush to keep me balanced. And with the kids mostly getting themselves up and out the door for school, I can get my workouts in before I have to take my youngest to school.

I have agreed to go back to volunteering with my American Heritage Girls troop, but ONLY as the Outdoor Coordinator. That means I get to plan hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor adventures and service projects, and that’s ALL I have to do! So basically, I volunteered to do the fun stuff–yay me! I’ll do the fun part and let other people worry about the paperwork.

I sort of gave up on trying to put words into Unquickened over the last month. I don’t know if it was discouragement or distraction or some combination of those, but whatever it was, the words just didn’t materialize.


Mid-August brought some interesting developments… Since mid-August, three separate people–people who don’t know each other, but all know me–have asked me if I’m still doing commercial writing/ghostwriting. My position has always been that if people approached me, I’d consider taking anything, even though I wasn’t really actively marketing myself. When the third person asked, I decided that maybe the universe or the fates or Jesus Himself was trying to tell me something, so…

I’ve refreshed my website a bit, and I’m back to looking for commercial writing work.

Except that here’s one thing that’s probably a little different than what I’ve done before…

Yes, I’m going to market myself as a freelance commercial writer, and yes, I’m going to be actively looking for and taking on commercial writing, but I think I am not going to worry so much about compartmentalizing my writing into categories. I think it’s okay to just pursue any kind of writing and to do the things that make me a better writer all around. If that means that I need to do the things that build my business on any given day, that’s what I’ll do–clean my desk, organize files, make calls, contact clients, etc. But it could also mean that any given day is a fiction writing day, or a reading day, or a seminar day, or…

But one thing I do know: These six hours I have when kids are at school are the times that I need to hold sacred for working on writing stuff. I can’t promise that some AHG work or coffee with my bestie or the occasional half-day at the DMV won’t sneak in there, but overall, I am going to try to really focus on holding those six hours a day aside for the work of writing–whatever work that may be on any given day.

So I guess it’s possible–even likely–that I might manage to spend a little bit of time on Unquickened now and again.

This has been a bit rambly, but I think you’re all used to that from me these days. I have a mental list of about a dozen other things I want to tell you all, but for now, I’ll call it good. Maybe if I keep the mental list current, I can manage to find my way back to the blog more than once a month…

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  1. tony

    Amen, sister!
    I can say that, right?
    Thanks for sharing, I like the direction.

    1. Amy Rose Davis (Post author)

      I asked for an amen, so absolutely! 🙂 Thanks, as always, for the support, Tony.

  2. Leanna

    Just finished catching up on your blogging from the summer 😀 Very well done, Amy! May I say, even though I’m a relative stranger, that I’m proud of you?

    This was supposed to be a writing summer for me since I took time off work to go with my husband on a temporary work trip in Europe but then we got pregnant right away and I spent half the summer napping (and a lot of the other half crying!) so not much writing happened. XD There will be no NaNoWriMo for me either since I have a lot of hours to work to get maternity leave for March. But life is good. And I will write.

    I resonate so much with what you share on your blog, Amy. Thank you!

    1. Amy Rose Davis (Post author)

      Many congratulations on the new addition! Oh my, how I remember the napping and crying of those early months… It gets better.

      And my apologies for taking nearly a month to approve your comment and reply to you. Clearly I do not have the rhythm of this working mom thing down yet… Everything is always a work in progress around here!


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