Ravenmarked is now in print!

A lot of you have been waiting a long time for a physical copy of Ravenmarked to hold in your very own hands. I finally finished the print formatting process last summer (thanks, largely, to Lisa Nowak’s mad formatting skills), so you can order it in print directly from Amazon.


If you would like a signed copy, you can order directly from me! It’s the same price as on Amazon, and I won’t charge you shipping.* Use the PayPal button below, and if you’d like a specific inscription, please enter it into the instruction box.

For one with the ravenmark, there is no balance.

Connor Mac Niall has everything he wants. As the best freelance man-at-arms in the known world, his reputation brings him jobs that provide adventure, women, and money in abundance.

But Connor has a secret: He’s ravenmarked. The avenging spirit of the earth, known as the Morrag, has chosen him to be her angel of death–to kill those she wants killed. Connor has run from her call half his life, and working as a freelance helps him keep the need to kill quelled.

When Connor reluctantly agrees to escort a fleeing royal heir to safety, he has no idea that the journey will bring him face to face with the Morrag–and require that he choose between destiny and freedom. He finds himself confronted with old regrets and new choices. On one side pursued by a sorcerer who wants him dead and on the other side tempted by the Morrag to submit his will to hers, Connor unwittingly escorts his charge right into the path of greatest danger for them both. He faces a choice: Submit his will to the Morrag’s control, or let the royal heir die.

Set against a backdrop of romance, political instability, and magic, Ravenmarked is the first in a five-book epic fantasy series titled The Taurin Chronicles.

* Offer good in the US only. If you are outside the US, I may have to charge you additional shipping. But I will make every effort to not do that…