Launch Day

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We have lift off!

Admit it. You thought this day would never come. It’s okay–I thought the same thing. But it’s here. It’s finally here.

Bloodbonded is live and on sale on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and other e-bookstores.

To celebrate and encourage people to start at the beginning of the series, I’ve lowered the price of Ravenmarked to 99 cents for the month of July. You can download Ravenmarked at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

Next up: the print version of Ravenmarked. I’m working on that now. It should be available by the end of August.

I’m also editing the dragon western (working title: A Whisper of Dragons) and doing some worldbuilding in that universe. The first novel hangs together fairly well for a draft. It definitely needs work, but I think it has good bones. I have a second novel half done in that world (working title: A Shade of Death), and I’ll probably work on fleshing that one out as well. I have ideas for several novels in that world. They would be more independent–picture The Dresden Files but with dragons and witches and set in Arizona (or someplace like it). In other words, you can read the dragon westerns out of order and still know what’s going on.

I’ll be in and out of here for the summer, but I’ll try to keep y’all updated when I can. You can follow me on social media. There’s always the author page on Goodreads, or you can friend me on Goodreads (but I’ll warn you–I’m boring and not particularly engaging over there). I’m probably most active on Facebook, but I’ll be hovering on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as well. If you want to see what I’m cooking, knitting, and musing on, Pinterest is the place to stalk me. I also post writing inspiration, ideas for current and future projects, and the occasional snark. If you’re interested in the randomness that is my life, Instagram is the place to be. You can see a picture of my dirty laundry there. I’m not kidding.

So, that’s it! Journey’s end, or maybe beginning? I’m not sure. It’s been a terribly long slog, though. I am so glad to finally set Bloodbonded free into the world. I hope you all find it worth the wait.

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  1. tony

    All the best along with my love.

    1. Amy Rose Davis (Post author)

      Thank you! And thanks for your support–it means a lot!


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