Doing the Things

Lesson from taking two months away from the blog: When Google offers to translate your page automatically, you may have let too much Russian spam pile up.

Hi again, everyone. It’s been a busy two months (or so) around here. Since my last blog, I’ve:

  • Spent three weekends camping (the last one of those involved planning and coordinating food, activities, and equipment for forty kids and adults);
  • Thrown a graduation party for my oldest kid (yay, he’s done with high school!);
  • Weathered the typical end-of-school year madness;
  • Attended one AHG Court of Awards, one high school graduation, one 8th grade promotion, and one spring band/choir concert; and
  • Kept up with my exercise/fitness/nutrition routines (this may have kept me sane during the madness).

I have not written anything more than a Facebook post.

And to be quite candid, I’m getting pretty sick of this lack of writing.

It was one year ago yesterday that Bloodbonded went live. Since then, I’ve written maybe 1,000 words of fiction, total. Maybe. That’s generous.

I keep saying that my Muse is dead, but maybe she’s just giving me space or something, because I am starting to feel pretty pissed off about not producing any new words. That makes me think that maybe there’s something dormant simmering under all the crappy stuff that’s happened in the last year. Maybe she’s not dead yet.

All I know is…

Something’s gotta give.

When I was at my lowest earlier this year, I went back to basics–eating better, exercise, Scripture, supplements, knitting/crocheting. It was hard to remember to do it all every day. I had a literal checklist on my phone at first, and my best friend would ask me if I’d “done the things” each day to keep me accountable and moving forward. And you know what? After 23 weeks of “doing the things,” the habits are getting pretty… well, habitual.

So that’s where I am. I have to start making the writing a habit.

Summer is the worst time to start a new habit. So is spring. Winter and fall aren’t really that easy, either. Because basically, there’s always a ton of stuff going on no matter what the season. It’a always hard to start a new habit. Humans hate discomfort, and writing is not a comfortable thing for me, and I can find a thousand reasons to avoid it. I don’t want to do it, I don’t like to do it, and I still don’t see the point.



It’s good for me. I think.

So I’m going to put it in the column of “things” I do every day. Scripture, eating right, supplements, exercise, writing, knitting/crocheting. Not always in that order, but every day. 500 words–that’s all–500 words a day.

And this blog will be my accountability.

I will blog once a week with updates. I expect those of you who care to keep me honest. If you have my e-mail address and notice that I haven’t updated, e-mail me. If you don’t have my e-mail address, tag me on Facebook or Twitter or somewhere else and ask me if I’m doing the words.

I need you guys.

The words will probably be pretty bad for a while. I think I’ve kind of forgotten how to write. And I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to put anything publishable together. I don’t know if I ever put anything publishable together. I’ve never been good at the discipline of writing–it’s always been feast or famine and just something I do when I feel like it.

But I need to start, and I need to try, and I can’t do it without help.

Here we go…

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