A Real, Honest-to-goodness Launch Date

Hello, threes of fans.

I apologize for my absence. I am pretty sure I spend as much time apologizing for my absence as I do actually blogging. I don’t even know how this much time goes by. I’ll blog, get busy with parenting, projects, kids, scouts, whatever, look up and go, “oh hey, I have a blog,” and six weeks or more have passed.

That’s part of what happened this time. The other part was that when I went to log in and actually post something, technology conspired against me. That took a while to figure out. Because the Internet is dark and full of terrors…

In any case, my dream of publishing Bloodbonded in April obviously did NOT work out. I came back from my weekend and had a thousand things to do that rapidly mushroomed into a million more, and when I looked up, March was over and April was just as busy. And I decided I needed to read the book through one more time “just in case.” Because of course I did. #controlfreak

So I read it through one more time–or rather, I let Word read it to me. And I made a few changes for rhythm, flow, cadence of language or corrected small typos and grammatical errors, and then I said, “You know what? I think it’s done.”

So… I am (pleased? happy? excited? terrified? horror-stricken?) to announce that…

Bloodbonded will be available for Amazon Kindle on June 1, 2016.


Right now, Bloodbonded is with second-round beta readers, and so far, so good. The comments are trickling in. No one hates it yet. You know how sometimes you go into something where you expect to be assaulted with water, a blast of air, fireworks, cannons, an angry scouting parent, whatever? And you brace yourself and close your eyes, but you sorta keep one open, because you kind of want to know when the fist is almost at your face? And then you open both eyes because the punch doesn’t happen, and it turns out the angry scout parent just wants to give you a hug?

Is that just me?


That’s what this round of betas is like–me holding my breath and closing my eyes, and then getting e-mail hugs instead of punches.

So that’s going well.

My awesome artist friend Linda is working on the maps. There will be three of them this time. And today, I finished the long historical appendix and the character index. We need to finish the maps, format everything, and write some blurbs, but I think it’s on target for a June 1 launch date.

SO!! So, my threes of fans, I’m going to need you guys to help me out! I’m going to need people to help me publicize. If you’d like an early copy of Bloodbonded, e-mail me at amy@amyrosedavis.com. I will send it to you the minute it’s done. It may not be much before June 1, but you’ll be the first ones to get it. In exchange, if you love it, I would be very appreciative if you would spread the word to friends and family through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever you connect with people.

And watch this space. I will be online more this month, and I’ll be letting you know about more ways to publicize this book as I have them ready. I’m a bit behind here, and I have a busy month ahead personally, but we’ll just launch what we can, when we can, eh? Something is better than nothing.

As always, I am beyond grateful for all of the support and kind words you all bless me with. Without the kindness and gentle prodding of good friends, family, and fans, I would not be back from the dark place where I was a couple of years ago. Thank you.

It’s finally happening, you guys.

For real.

Now I’m going to go breathe into a paper bag…

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